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Salvatore Catania, Principal Consultant of MRC has more than 25 years of experience in the food & beverage industry. Graduated in Hospitality Management in Italy he worked his way up from charming pizzerias to upscale hotels and 3 Star Michelin Restaurants. Study Culinary Art in France and holds several professional certificates including Mastery of Wine. 

Salvatore was groomed by some of the best restaurant groups in USA and he has been consulting, managing , entertaining, and providing genuinely warm hospitality in Greater Miami Area since 1998.


List of Services

Restaurant Real-Estate - Concept & Branding - Business Planning & Start Up - Financial Assessment & Control - Construction & Re-modeling  - Permits & Licensing -  Control Setting


Restaurant Real- Estate

Whether you are in the market to buy, sell, or lease a restaurant the licensed real estate agents that make up part of our team can help . At MRC we research the restaurant market and stay up to date with property values to ensure your commercial business space is priced effectively from day one.  We provide the finest service available with 100% confidentiality.

Business Plan

Before you start you have to have a plan, a business one.  MRC’s team is here to help you get your ideas and develop them into a concrete business plan. A business plan is of a formal statement of business goals, reasons why they are attainable, and the plan for reaching them. A good plan should also be able to be condensed into a compelling pitch to entice investors.

Menu Design

 MRC will study your competition, conduct a detailed menu analysis for existing operations, and provide you with our Analysis and Recommendations.Our team includes top chefs and operators with years of experience who will work to develop your kitchen's systems from scratch to finish. 

Kitchen Design

At MRC we believe that a thought out restaurant design should begin with the heart of the business, the kitchen. A well-developed kitchen layout can save you loads of time and money. 

Financial Services

Relentlessly focused on your Prime Cost (labor, food, liquor). Within days of the close of your fiscal week, management can identify and control any unexpected uptake in your major cost center areas. Because the average restaurant spends 60-70% of every sales dollar in the Prime Cost area, even 1% savings in food, liquor, and labor can save your restaurant a lot of money.

Control Settings

We know that adequate sales, experience, and capital always help a business flourish, but without CONTROL in place long-term success is not assured. That's why we provides financial, food, service and security control.   MRC organizes critical financial information to assist clients in performing many types of “what if” analyses. Generated on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis, we help you forecast trends and map out a budgeting plan.

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